What's in Bloom

April 14, 2017  •  2 Comments

Spring is well on its way at the Chicago Botanic Garden! This week the staff has been busy planting all the gardens and pots with spring blooms. Each day new flowers are being added. The daffodils are in bloom, the magnolias are opening, a few early tulips are already in bloom and the rest of the tulips are not far behind. If temps stay warm and we continue to get some sunshine, it looks like many will begin to open next week and, as always, it will be a spectacular display of color. These past few days I have been photographing a small patch of pink tulips in the courtyard between the Sensory Garden and the Enabling Garden. These tulips were transferred there from the production greenhouses already in bloom. I fell in love with their soft, interesting petal variations and lovely leaves, many of them enveloping the buds in a hug.

Graceful CurveGraceful Curve TulipTulip EmbraceEmbrace Tulip StudyTulip Study Tulip with an AttitudeTulip with an Attitude This same type of tulip was planted in an indoor display in Regenstein last week and I enjoyed photographing them there while waiting for more blooms outdoors. These have since been replaced with other tulips and spring blooms.

TulipTulip Tulip TextureTulip Texture TulipTulip Another patch of tulips that I have found blooming are in a raised bed at the south end of the Graham Bulb Garden, a colorful treat for the eyes. In this first image, I was much more interested in the graceful curve of the leaf than the flower itself.

Graceful LineGraceful Line Early TulipEarly Tulip This is just the beginning! In the coming weeks there will be tulips in bloom everywhere. Stay tuned for more updates! Happy spring and happy Easter weekend! 


Anne Belmont(non-registered)
Roger, I love your comment! Thank you - I will remember that! Yes, I do consider myself an artist and flowers are certainly my favorite subject.
Roger Mattingly(non-registered)
You are an artist whose medium is flowers.
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