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Last of the Butterflies

September 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I enjoyed photographing in the Butterflies and Blooms exhibit at Chicago Botanic Garden every week during the summer. The summer flew by and Labor Day weekend saw the closing of the exhibit for the summer. The new location of the exhibit proved to be a wonderful change with beautiful views of both McDonald Woods to the north and the Japanese Garden to the south. I'm posting my favorite images for the summer. Some of the images were in a blog post earlier in the summer but they remain my favorites for the summer.

              Orchard Swallowtail Orchard SwallowtailOrchard Swallowtail               Buckeye BuckeyeBuckeye               Green Jay

Green JayGreen Jay               Mocker Swallowtail

Mocker Swallowtail on SkyflowerMocker Swallowtail on Skyflower                                                                 Paper Kites

Paper KitePaper Kite

Paper Kite on SkyflowerPaper Kite on Skyflower               Postman                                                                 White Peacock

White PeacockWhite Peacock                                                                Blue Clipper  Blue Clipper on False SpireaBlue Clipper on False Spirea               Tiger Longwing

Tiger LongwingTiger Longwing


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