The Magic of Lensbaby

November 05, 2016  •  2 Comments

I've just opened a gallery on my website called The Magic of Lensbaby. Given my great love of Lensbaby lenses - lenses that have become a bigger and bigger part of my flower photography - I wanted to have a place where I could showcase those images.

I started with Lensbaby about 3 1/2 years ago. At that time I was moving full speed ahead into developing a whole new way of looking at and photographing flowers. I started flower photography many years ago with the idea that everything in my portraits of flowers needed to be in sharp focus. There is nothing wrong with this approach and I still employ it today when I want to emphasize detail in flowers. Yet, during this time I felt stuck creatively. I felt a deep longing to grow, change and try new ways of shooting - to be more creative and free in my work. In the spring of 2013, I challenged myself with a project to shoot everything with selective focus. Most often, I chose to shoot at f 2.8, focusing on a curving line of a flower, a petal, a drop of dew to draw the eye to one particular part of the flower. It was the beginning of seeing flowers more abstractly. During that time I was experimenting with the Lensbaby Composer but still using my traditional macro lenses for most of my photography. It wasn't until the introduction of the Lensbaby Velvet 56mm in the spring of 2015 that I fell completely in love with Lensbaby. That lens had me smitten from the first image I took.

Soft DahliaSoft Dahlia 'Pillow Talk' Tulip'Pillow Talk' Tulip Lensbaby lenses are the perfect companion for this kind of creative, more abstract way of shooting. They have helped me to continue to grow as a flower photographer. Of the Lensbaby lenses I own, the Velvet 56mm remains my favorite because of the unmistakable ethereal glow it creates at the lower apertures.  Nonetheless, the Composer Pro with the variety of optics I own, has taken a commanding position in my more recent work. Since macro photography is my passion, the Velvet 56mm, which focuses as close as 5 inches, and the Composer Pro with the macro converters and various optics allow me to work up-close with my subjects and create the beautiful effects these lenses are famous for.

Dahlia AbstractDahlia Abstract DahliaDahlia Although flowers are my favorite subjects, I often pull out my Lensbaby lenses when photographing other botanical subjects, like this unfurling fern.

EmergenceEmergence     Or succulents, like this Desert Cabbage and the tiny flowers of the Red Velvet Echeveria. Desert CabbageDesert Cabbage Red Velvet EcheveriaRed Velvet Echeveria The Twist 60mm is my most recent purchase from Lensbaby and what a fun lens it is! It's the perfect lens for capturing the beauty of fall.

Fall UnfoldingFall Unfolding Birches AglowBirches Aglow I will be focusing more on teaching about using Lensbabies in the 2017 Out of Chicago Conferences, so watch for more details soon. Meanwhile, if you are interested in trying Lensbaby lenses, my friend Gary Farber with Hunt's Photo and Video emailed me this morning that they are having a sale on all Lensbaby products. Check it out here at Hunt's or email Gary at Hmmmmm! What could I add to my collection? The holidays are coming, you know!



Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! You should definitely work with the Composer again. I was so smitten with the Velvet and was using it so much, that I put my Composer aside for awhile. This summer I rediscovered it and have fallen back in love with it - especially with the Sweet 50 optic and macro converters. The blur is beautiful. I think you should try the Velvet 56. It is a macro as well as a portrait lens. You could get some incredible results with your portraits of babies and seniors - that soft etherial glow. Lensbaby is having a special on them! Let me know if I can help you with anything! xoxo
Joanne Buchman(non-registered)
These photos are so fantastic! I have a composer Pro and used it a few times for macro flower photography. Maybe this winter I will break it out again and try. I used the macro rings. I never got this soft, ethereal type, fantastic imagery out of mine. However, I will say I truly loved it for the macro and sharpness I did achieve on the few shots I attempted. I also got the edge ...cant remember the #, but I have not played with them in quite awhile. You make me want to try again! Thanks again for sharing such beautiful imagery!! You are a star!!!!
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