Spring Tulips

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Where have all the tulips gone?  Spring seemed to pass much too quickly and, although the tulips at the Chicago Botanic Garden were as magnificent as ever, they seemed to come and go so quickly.   I usually like to blog about what is currently in bloom at the Garden, but travels and a very full plate of projects I am working on has kept me from posting as regularly as I would like.  I have been shooting almost every day but getting images processed and on my website for posting is another story.  I hope to get back on schedule because I know many people follow my blog specifically to know what's in bloom at the Garden. Although most all of the tulips have now been removed to make way for the summer gardens, here is a sampling of some of my favorites.  

The Circle Garden is always a favorite area and this view of one of the side or "secret" gardens within the Circle Garden was simply magnificent this year.

Secret GardenSecret Garden

The blend of tulips in this garden were called 'Much Niceness,' a perfect name for these beauties.

'Much Niceness' Tulip'Much Niceness' Tulip

This second and third shots were taken with the Lensbaby Velvet 56mm.

'Much Niceness' Tulip'Much Niceness' Tulip TulipTulip

In the opposite "secret" garden bed within the Circle Garden was a bed of 'Pillow Talk' tulips, both a creamy yellow version and a soft pink version.  I love the names they come up for flowers!  These certainly had the softness of elegant pillows and I knew I had to capture them with the Lensbaby Velvet. 

'Pillow Talk' Tulip'Pillow Talk' Tulip Planted among the 'Pillow Talk' tulips were colorful grape hyacinth.  I love the way these semi-double tulips open into wide bowls. The second photograph of the pink variety is with the Lensbaby Velvet.

Tulip in the Circle GardenTulip in the Circle Garden TulipTulip

Within the four quadrants of the Circle Garden, surrounding the fountain were lush beds of 'Scheeper's' Mix tulips.  These were some of my favorite tulips of the season.  The soft color and ruffles of this tulip were so sensuous and beautiful.

'Scheeper's Mix' Tulip'Scheeper's Mix' Tulip Another vibrant and bold bed of tulips was in the Rose Garden Terrace. I had fun experimenting with the Lensbaby Velvet, trying to capture their bold lines but with the softness and glow this lens gives to an image.

Catching the LightCatching the Light And a close up with my 100mm macro.

TulipTulip Beautiful beds of 'Angelique' tulips filled the courtyard between the Enabling Garden and the Sensory Garden.  This area, year after year, has spectacular tulips often missed by visitors.  They are ideal for photographing because the beds are in shade, so I often find myself in this garden later in the morning after the sun is too high and intense for other areas. All of these were photographed with the Lensbaby Velvet.  Can you tell I'm absolutely smitten with this lens?! 

'Angelique' Tulip'Angelique' Tulip 'Angelique' Tulip'Angelique' Tulip 'Angelique' Tulip with Bud'Angelique' Tulip with Bud This is a mere sampling of the many tulips that graced the gardens of the Chicago Botanic Garden.  The garden staff have been busy all week pulling out the spring gardens and beginning to plant the summer gardens.  We have much to look forward to - beautiful blooms and warmer temperatures ahead.





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