Magnolias in Bloom

April 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The magnolias in our area are all in bloom.  Their fragrant and beautiful flowers are fleeting and don't last long before the petals shower down like snow.  They are a difficult flower to photograph - contrasty light, spring winds and finding perfect blossoms in a good orientation are often challenging. Yesterday my friend Maria took me to a small park in her neighborhood with two beautiful Star Magnolias in bloom.  They were filled with creamy white, wide open blooms.  The soft light of the late afternoon made for perfect photographing of the flowers.  For the first image, I was able to orient myself so that the blurred grass beyond the tree served as a background.  I love that this blossom was wide open and adjacent to a bud.  The buds of the magnolias are as beautiful as the open flowers.

Star MagnoliaStar Magnolia Magnolias are perfect flowers to capture in a softer focus way, focusing on the middle and letting the petals drift out of focus and the flowers behind providing a soft white backdrop. Star MagnoliaStar Magnolia Star MagnoliaStar Magnolia

The image below was captured in the last rays of the early evening sun.  Star MagnoliaStar Magnolia The magnolia is one of the few flowers that I feel translates well to black and white.

Star MagnoliaStar Magnolia Star MagnoliaStar Magnolia


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