Patterns and Textures in Nature, Part 4




Day 365 - Hollyhock with Raindrops

Hollyhock - Day 365Hollyhock - Day 365 Back to my beloved CBG for the last photo of my 365 project!  Honestly, how could the year pass so quickly?!  I end this project feeling exhilarated and proud, but sad it's over.  I have enjoyed it immensely and grown by leaps and bounds - both in my photography and in the way I look at the world around me.  I would do it again in a heartbeat! For now I will take a rest, continue photographing with my usual passion and think about the next project to challenge myself. Thanks to all who followed this project! Your comments and support have meant so much to me.

Day 364 - What Lies Within

What Lies Within - Day 364What Lies Within - Day 364 When I returned from California yesterday, I was delighted to see that all the peonies in my gardens at home are opening.  I adore peonies and especially love to photograph them after a rain.


Day 363 - Emergence

Emergence - Day 363Emergence - Day 363 This is one of many photos I took at Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California.  It is a beautiful place with a library, art collections and an array of gardens.  I spent the better part of a day during my trip to California exploring all it had to offer.


Day 362 - Peony

Peony - Day 362Peony - Day 362 Peonies are in bloom.  I love these flowers but they are hard to photograph and come up with an interesting composition.  Many more will be blooming in the coming week.  I will be away for a few days - the last days of this project.  I can't believe day 365 is almost here!  I will catch up on the last 3 days of posting when I return...I promise! 


Day 361 - Wild Iris

Iris - Day 361Iris - Day 361 Lots of wild irises are in bloom in the Semi Tropical Greenhouse right now. Also, lots of larger irises in bloom out in the Garden now, but I find these sweet little irises irresistible to photograph. 


Day 360 - Malachite Butterfly

Malachite Butterfly - Day 360Malachite Butterfly - Day 360 Butterflies and Blooms at CBG opened this weekend!  I was there early this morning photographing the butterflies for the Garden.  So good to be back in one of my favorite parts of the Garden and among these beautiful creatures!


Day 359 - Sweet Woodland Flowers

Woodland Flowers - Day 359Woodland Flowers - Day 359


Day 358 - 'Apricot Glow' Cactus Flower

Apricot Glow Cactus Flower - Day 358Apricot Glow Cactus Flower - Day 358 I led a photowalk for our club early this morning at the Garden.  I was worried about finding enough to shoot because of the transition from spring to summer gardens. We checked the Arid Greenhouse and were delighted to find another round of blooms on the echinopsis - over a dozen blooms!  They are truly spectacular to witness - so glad we were able to catch them in their glory because a friend told me they had faded by the afternoon.


Day 357 - Glowing Tulip

Glowing Tulip - Day 357Glowing Tulip - Day 357 I fear this might be my last shot of the tulips this year.  They are truly at their end and the Garden is already pulling them out in many areas.  Goodbye until next year!


Day 356 -  Pink Crabapple Blossoms

Crabapple Blossoms - Day 356Crabapple Blossoms - Day 356 They are almost gone but the crabapples have been beautiful this year.  Love the pink variety.


Day 355 - Tip of the Tulip

Tulip - Day 355Tulip - Day 355 Just trying to squeeze a few more days of photographing tulips before they are all gone.  With this beauty I focused on the tip of the tulip's petal and let the rest fall softly out of focus.


Day 354 - Blushing Beauty

Blushing Beauty - Day 354Blushing Beauty - Day 354 I've enjoyed photographing some of the last tulips of the season - Blushing Beauty Tulips - in the courtyard between the Enabling Garden and the Sensory Garden.  They have such beautiful lines, curves and ruffles.  


Day 353 - Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart - Day 353Bleeding Heart - Day 353 I couldn't finish this project without one of my all-time favorite flowers - bleeding heart.  I've tried for the last couple weeks to photograph them at the Garden but it has just been too windy to even try.  Late this afternoon I took a walk at the Garden to soak up the beautiful weather.  The wind died down enough that I could photograph my favorite patch of bleeding heart in the Sensory Garden Woods.


Day 352 - Crabapple Blossoms

Crabapple Blossoms - Day 352Crabapple Blossoms - Day 352 The crabapples are in full bloom and they smell divine!


Day 351 - Painted Tongue

Painted Tongue - Day 351Painted Tongue - Day 351 A kaleidoscope of color, this beautiful flower is a part of the display in Regenstein. 


Day 350 - Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley - Day 350Lily of the Valley - Day 350 One of my favorite spring flowers is in bloom now - simple, sweet and smells so good!


Day 349 - Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy - Day 349Gerbera Daisy - Day 349 It was so cold out today; it even snowed a bit in some parts of the area.  I had fun experimenting with photographing some pretty Gerbera Daisies in the displays in Regenstein with friend Maria.


Day 348 - Virginia Bluebells

Virginia Bluebells - Day 348Virginia Bluebells - Day 348 I always look forward to the blooming of these lovely woodland flowers in the spring, their bell-shaped blue flowers opening from pink buds.


Day 347 - Royal Fern Unfolding

Royal Fern - Day 347Royal Fern - Day 347


Day 346 - Poppy in the Rain

Poppy in the Rain - Day 346Poppy in the Rain - Day 346 Last night we had a torrential rain storm and it rained on and off this morning.  Rain never stops me from photographing; in fact I love the intensity of colors on a rainy day and raindrops on flowers are always a bonus.  No shortage of raindrops today!  Camera tucked safely under the umbrella and I was good to go.


Day 345 - Desert's Jewel
Desert's Jewel - Day 345Desert's Jewel - Day 345

It feels like I've come full circle.  Back on day 2 of this project, almost 1 year ago, I posted a photo of a similar cactus flower.  I have been watching the cactus in the Arid Greenhouse eagerly over the last weeks, waiting patiently for them to bloom.  Last week they started and each day there are new blooms - so many of them this year!  They are truly spectacular.  Each cactus bloom only lasts a day so you have to time it just right to see them.  They open fully in the mid-late morning and fade by late afternoon.  


Day 344 - Tulips in the Crescent Garden

Crescent Garden Tulips - Day 344Crescent Garden Tulips - Day 344 Happy Mother's Day!  These tulips in the Crescent Garden are among my favorite this season.


Day 343 - In the Morning Sun

In the Morning Sun - Day 343In the Morning Sun - Day 343 This morning Chris Smith and I led an early morning 'Out of Chicago' Photowalk at the Garden.  What a wonderful group of photographers that showed up!  It was such fun to share my passion for photography and for the Garden with others.  We had a great time photographing tulips and all the spring blooms together.  A new bed of tulips on the north end of the Bulb Garden opened in the last day and they are just gorgeous, especially as they glowed in the early morning sun.


Day 342 - Inside the Tulip

Inside the Tulip - Day 342Inside the Tulip - Day 342 Another windy, warm day at the Garden.  I parked myself in McGinley Pavilion, where it was a little more protected from the wind, and photographed this tulip that was part of a beautiful display in the pavilion.


Day 341 - 'Fantasy' Parrot Tulip Close-up

'Fantasy' Parrot Tulip - Day 341'Fantasy' Parrot Tulip - Day 341 The parrot tulips have such interesting patterns and textures. These beautiful tulips are in the Circle Garden.  I had to be very patient photographing today.  It was very windy and I had to wait for the lulls in the wind to photograph anything...but it reached 90 degrees today! Amazing! 


Day 340 - Morning Sun on Fern

Morning Sun on Fern - Day 340Morning Sun on Fern - Day 340


Day 339 - Buttercup with Water Droplets

Buttercup Patterns - Day 339Buttercup Patterns - Day 339

Day 338 - Last of the Daffodils

Daffodil - Day 338Daffodil - Day 338 The daffodils in my yard are starting to fade but I cut a few more to bring inside.  These are my favorites with their bright centers.  The wind has been so strong the past few days making it hard to photograph outdoors.


Day 337 - Pink Petals

'Foxtrot' Tulip - Day 337'Foxtrot' Tulip - Day 337 Another wonderful day photographing tulips and other spring blooms at the Garden.  This beautiful 'Foxtrot' tulip is part of a display at the south end of the Bulb Garden - a gorgeous mix of soft pink tulips, brighter pink tulips, daffodils and white grape hyacinth.


Day 336 - Glowing in the Sun

Glowing in the Sun - Day 336Glowing in the Sun - Day 336 65 degrees and sunny today!  The tulips in the side garden of the Circle Garden were wide open and basking in the sun.  Most flowers are impossible to photograph in midday sun but tulips are an exception - they light up and glow from within in the sun.  Wonderful to see so many photography friends at the Garden today.


Day 335 - Tulip with Raindrop

Raindrop on Tulip - Day 335Raindrop on Tulip - Day 335 Fun morning photographing with my friend Tony.  Hope no one is getting tired of tulips because I'm a bit obsessed with them right now.  Our lack of much sun and cooler temps continues to keep them closed.  Even though we'd all like some sunshine and warmer days, it's hard to complain about 50 degrees after the winter we just emerged from.


Day 334 - April Showers Bring May Flowers

Tulip - Day 334Tulip - Day 334 ...but unfortunately the April showers are continuing into May.  Doesn't keep me away, however.  I was photographing under my umbrella again today! I love this time when the tulips are still closed and you can see all the unique patterns on their outer petals.  I always look for tulips with a bit of "personality."


Day 333 - Tulip Time

Tulip - Day 333Tulip - Day 333 The tulips are just starting to open around the Garden.  This one was in the Circle Garden and I was dodging raindrops today as I photographed. 


Day 332 - Persian Buttercup

Buttercup - Day 332Buttercup - Day 332 This is another of the Persian Buttercups planted in the Heritage Garden.  I just love the progression of color from the center outward.


Day 331 - More Daffodil Portraits

Daffodil - Day 331Daffodil - Day 331 Stormy weather means more indoor shooting with the daffodils from my yard.


Day 330 - Marsh Marigolds

Marsh Marigolds - Day 330Marsh Marigolds - Day 330 The marsh marigolds are in bloom in the Sensory Garden Woods.  Spring is moving along despite the dip in temperatures!


Day 329 - Daffodil Days

Daffodil - Day 329Daffodil - Day 329 The daffodils are all in bloom at the Garden and in my yard.  It has been very windy here so I cut a few in my yard and brought them inside to photograph. 


Day 328 - Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy - Day 328Gerbera Daisy - Day 328 There are some pretty pots of Gerbera Daisies in McGinley Pavilion.  The blur of pink and yellow in the background are pots of columbine.  


Day 327 - Petals

Petals - Day 327Petals - Day 327 Patterns in the petals of the Persian Buttercup. A beautiful sunny day at the Garden.  Many new buttercups have been planted in the Heritage Garden.


Day 326 - Tulip Patterns

Tulip Patterns - Day 326Tulip Patterns - Day 326 One of the things I love about photographing tulips is finding the tulips with interesting patterns or variations.  This tulip, among those in the Regenstein flower display, caught my eye.  She's giving us a bit of a peek inside.


Day 325 - 'Bronze Charm' Tulip

'Bronze Charm' Tulip - Day 325'Bronze Charm' Tulip - Day 325 The earliest of the tulips blooming in the Bulb Garden at CBG.

Day 324 - Interesting Patterns

Rock Patterns - Day 324Rock Patterns - Day 324 A nice diversion from spring flowers...but I'm not totally sure if this is rock or perhaps petrified wood?  Whichever, I have looked at it many times with fascination in the Arid Greenhouse.


Day 323 - Happy Easter

Easter Tulip - Day 323Easter Tulip - Day 323 Another tulip from the display in Regenstein.  It's a beautiful warm spring day here and I started it with an early morning walk at the Garden. Happy Easter to all!


Day 322 - 'Harmony' Iris in the Sensory Garden Woods

Harmony Iris - Day 322Harmony Iris - Day 322 I always look forward to the bloom of these lovely 'Hamony' Iris among the Whitespire birches in the woods.


Day 321 - Pure and Simple

Tulip - Day 321Tulip - Day 321 Tulips make me happy.  Pure and simple, they are among my favorite flowers and they bloom during my favorite time of year to photograph.  We are still waiting for the tulips to bloom outside - another couple of weeks - but this beauty was part of of a gorgeous display in the Krehbiel Gallery reflecting pool in Regenstein at CBG.  It is a magnificent display of flowers and well worth a trip to see...and smell (the wisteria smells heavenly)!


Day 320 - Graceful Curl

Graceful Curl - Day 320Graceful Curl - Day 320 I find myself going back again and again to photograph these ferns in the Semi Tropical Greenhouse. They are so graceful and beautiful and I love the lines and shiny texture of the fronds.